We are still in the planning stages of our Nippers program for this season and due to the ever-changing COVID-19 environment, our program will not commence until at least January 2021. This is subject to both LSV and CHO directions.

What we do know is the program will be modified (ie. outdoors only), numbers will be capped for each age group and access to the clubhouse will be restricted.

These measures will ensure compliance with our COVID Safe Plan and social distancing requirements. These restrictions mean, more than ever, we will require more parent involvement in the program. In particular, we will need more age managers, parent helpers and water safety volunteers.

In anticipation of the program commencing in January 2021, we are looking to conduct a Nipper Parents Bronze Medallion course for those that are interested. This would be a great opportunity for you to meet other Nipper parents and to be further involved with your nipper and support the program.

Please email nippers@southmelbournelsc.com.au if you are interested in doing your bronze medallion, becoming an age manager, parent helper or water safety volunteer this season.

We hope to have further information available by the end of October regarding a potential commencement date for our program and the maximum numbers per age group.

Please keep an eye out on our website, social medias, newsletter and Team App.

Robbie Brain

Junior Activities Manager