Life Members

The conferral of life membership upon a member is by recommendation of the Board and by special resolution of the club at the Annual General Meeting. A candidate for life membership must have rendered distinguished service to the club and to lifesaving and such service must be of such a level that it advanced both the club and lifesaving more broadly.

To date, 24 Life Members have been inducted. They are:

1957 Mr V. Walker*
1957 Mrs A. Kennedy BEM*
1961 Mr M. Eddey
1961 Mr R. Lancashire*
1964 Mr A. Kennedy*
1964 Mrs M. Lancashire
1966 Mr A. Gaskett*
1972 Mr J. Morgan
1972 Mr D. Maybourne*
1975 Mr I. Maybourne*
1978 Mr K. Tracey
1978 Mr D. Cooke*
1980 Mrs B. A. Morgan OAM
1982 Mr T. Pakavakis
1985 Dr D. L. Porter*
1994 Mrs B. Porter
1994 Mrs C. Cardwell (nee Plumb)
1996 Ms D. L. Boswell ESM
1996 Mr C. C. Sutherland
2001 Ms A. Gardiner AM
2005 Mr J. Clark
2007 Miss A. Porter
2013 Mr G. Porter
ZZZZ Liz Pratt

* deceased