Over the Easter weekend, SMLSC officially moved out of the building to which we called home for 61 years. In just 4 days we were able to move 61 years worth of memories, lifesaving equipment and Nipper gear into containers and offsite storage- All of which would not have been possible if it wasn’t for those who gave up their time this Easter to help!
We would like to express a massive THANK YOU to everyone who throughout the season; patrolled, assisted with Nippers and came down to help pack up our clubhouse, it was an extraordinary effort on everyone’s behalf!
We would like to also acknowledge and thank those members who donated over 100 hours of their time to patrol and help keep South Melbourne beachgoers Safe! – Nick Vouk, Tim O’Mahony, Ash O’Brien & Alisdair Nolan.
Over the 2017/18 season, our members contributed to over 2,500 patrol hours, 3 rescues and over 550 preventative actions -An incredible effort from everyone!
Whilst we wait until October 2019 when we receive the keys to our new clubhouse, SMLSC will be operating as normal throughout the coming season- continuing to operate regular patrols and be involved in all areas of competition.
In the meantime, keep your eyes on our website and newsletter for the latest updates regarding our redevelopment!



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