2020-21 SMLSC AGM

*Updated Documents* Including zoom meeting ID & instructions to joining/Voting

Dear Members,
The Annual General Meeting of South Melbourne Life Saving Club, Inc. will be held on Sunday 23rd August 2020 at 2:00pm at South Melbourne Life Saving Club, 72B Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park.

It is intended that the meeting will be held face to face, however subject to COVID-19 restrictions, please take note, this meeting may need to be changed to take place online.

If that is the case, SMLSC will ensure you you will be notified via email in advance of the meeting date regarding location and/or format of the meeting.

Thank you for your understanding, as changes may be with short notice, but may be necessary, subject to government changes in gathering numbers. Please find the agenda attached. Season 19/20 saw the excitement of us moving into our new building and season 20/21 will see our membership, programming and community involvement continue to grow.

Please consider where your skills or experience could be of most benefit to the Club and be proactive in offering your help. In addition to the Committee positions, there are a number of sub-committees where your assistance would be warmly welcomed. All Committee positions are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. These are:

  • President
  • Administration Manager (Secretary)
  • Finance Manager
  • Club Captain
  • Competition Manager
  • Junior Activities Manager
  • Powercraft Manager
  • Rescue Services Manager
  • Sponsorship and Marketing Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • 2 x General Committee Member

 As we do not currently have a Secretary, nominations for committee positions must be received by the President (president@southmelbournelsc.com.au) by Sunday 26th July 2020. Additionally, if members wish to lodge a notice of motion and/or make recommendation to the Committee for consideration of Life membership; this must be submitted to the President (president@southmelbournelsc.com.au) by Sunday 12th July 2020.
Thank you,South Melbourne Life Saving Club

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SMLSC Committee position descriptions

SMLSC Virtual Presentation Night 2020 – You’re Invited!

This year due to the current COVID-19 Restrictions our presentation night will be held via a Facebook Livestream!

It will go live on Saturday the 18th of July @ 7PM – we hope to see you there

Head over to https://www.facebook.com/southmelbournelsc/ to view the stream!

We invite all members to tune in and have some laughs (hopefully not at our video editing skills, but at all the good moments from the 19/20 season)

A Facebook account is not required to view the presentation Livestream, but if you wish to comment as the video plays, you will be required to create an account/sign in.

Beach Warrior @ South Melbourne LSC – POSTPONED-


Regrettably Beach Warrior-South Melbourne has been postponed from April 5 with the current ban on mass gatherings. We are intending to run the great event when bans are lifted. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your support at the rescheduled date.

Updates will be posted via our social media & website


We are super excited to announce our next big event.
The Beach Warrior Obstacle Race is coming to Victoria and we have been lucky enough to be selected to host this years event.
At least 20 obstacles set over a 3.5km soft sand beach run to test even the very best athletes. Run, climb, crawl, wade and muscle your way through some of the toughest obstacles on offer.

You can enter as an indivual, team or family.
Challenge your mates, workmates or teammates to see who will be the Ultimate Beach Warrior!! 💪🏼🏆
Keep an eye out for more info to come.

Early bird entries are now open for a short period. So get in quick and spread the word

Click here to register now!

More details on our Facebook

Beach warrior South Melbourne website & Prices


Dear Members,

It is with pleasure the South Melbourne Life Saving Club together with The City of Port Phillip invite you to the official opening of our new clubhouse!

Saturday 2nd November 2019 1:00PM 72B Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park 3206

Please join us for proceedings & light refreshments following -building tours will be run throughout the day.

Due to catering requirements, please RSVP by Sunday the 27th of October via email to Christine Cardwell (christine.cardwell@southmelbournelsc.com.au)

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Christine Cardwell or any member of the SMLSC committee.

We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,
South Melbourne Life Saving Club Committee.


Time: 11am to 4pm
Location: South Melbourne Life Saving Club, 72B Beaconsfield Parade (App Withers Street) Albert Park.

It’s that time of year again! Our member registrations for 2019 have opened and its time to register for the season ahead!

This is your chance to join SMLSC as a Nipper & Patrolling member! Come along this weekend to see our new clubhouse, register, order nipper apparel and catch up with other nipper families!

Do you have a question regarding our registration day for 2019?

Contact our registrar Belinda Porter via Email or phone – 0410 090 481


Save the Date
 Presentation Night
Saturday 3rd August 2019
The Vincent
111 Victoria Avenue Albert Park

Start time: 6.30pm
Cost: $40 for your delicious three course meal
Payment via: SLSA Payment Gateway
Please include the following details: Presentation Night and Names (of all you are paying for.)

If you have any questions with regards to the above, please email us.

The SMLSC Presentation Night is an opportunity for all members to have a meal together and celebrate our club, it’s members and their achievements.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Notice of AGM Wednesday October 9th 2019 In our new clubhouse

Dear Members,

Please be advised that due to insufficient numbers to constitute a quorum at the original meeting, the AGM for South Melbourne Life Saving Club has been rescheduled to be held at 7.15pm on Wednesday 9th October 2019 at South Melbourne Life Saving Club, 72B Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park, 3206.

Please note that this meeting will be held at the new clubhouse.
Please find attached:

  • AGM 2019 Agenda 
  • Notes for the AGM 2019
  • Minutes of the SMLSC AGM 2018
  • Fee Schedule 2019-20 with Additional Notes
  • Proxy Form 2019

Proxy Forms may be returned via post by Friday 4th October 2019    The Secretary   South Melbourne LSC   PO Box 3091   South Melbourne VIC 3205 
Or by email: secretary@southmelbournelsc.com.au Or lodge with the Secretary before the commencement of the meeting.

As no nominations had been received for the positions listed below by 21st August, in accordance with Section 29.1(c) of the Constitution, further nominations may be received at the AGM.

  • Administration Manager/Secretary
  • Treasurer/Finance Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • General Committee (x1)

Please note that at a nomination for Training and Development Manager has been received and, at the Chairman’s discretion will be received at the AGM in accordance with Section 29.1(c).

If you would like another copy of the Committee position descriptions or if you have any questions about any of the positions, or would like to discuss where you can best assist the Club, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the current Committee members.

We look forward to seeing you on the 9th.
Kind regards, 
Andrew Graham   Secretary South Melbourne Life Saving Club Email: secretary@southmelbournelsc.com.au

SMLSC New Building and Lease Update

This is a little long, but it is important for all members to read!

Dear members,

Some of you may be aware the City of Port Phillip (CoPP), has informed us of the new arrangements for occupancy of the new building. They have stated that this kind of arrangement is the first of its kind and being looked at for future arrangements within the CoPP and by other councils for other community buildings.

SMLSC had been seeking discussions on the lease arrangements for the new building, as soon as it was confirmed the club was going to be rebuilt. We were informed in February the club will not be given a lease on the whole building. While we will have a lease on the west end of the building and exclusive use, the east end of the building, with the kitchen and large room will be under a different license agreement with many other groups also being licensed to use the space.

In late April we were advised what the cost would be to the club (detailed below). Since that time, we have continued discussions as we believe the estimate for utilities is excessive (the total cost of utilities for the old building was around $5000 per annum for the whole building) and how the cleaning arrangements, rubbish disposal, protection of our property in the shared area etc. will work. We have also attempted to reduce the amount as we provide a service to the community, not only as a community organisation but also an essential emergency service.

Our previous rent was approximately $600 per year, so this is an increase of 4000% and we do not have access to the whole building 100% of the time. The CoPP has also stated we will not have access to the building until this lease/license is signed. We are hoping to gain access in September to allow for season preparations.

The agreement also impacts on our ability to raise funds. Previously we have been able to raise some funds by renting out the room space when we were not using it. This provided a source of income from the club (our rates were always very low or zero if reciprocal arrangements with other community organisations).
This rental will now be done by managed by the CoPP and they will take the income (the other 70% of the time). Some arrangements such as LSV programming will still be allowed to be managed by SMLSC as they are lifesaving arrangements, although obviously the charges to them will have to increase from the cost recovering charges previously in place. We don’t know if they will continue to use SMLSC under the new costs.

The CoPP have stated we have priority for use of the building, however require us to advise of our usage a year in advance. Anything at short notice, will be subject to availability and may come at an additional cost (i.e. we would need to rent the room). We have obtained agreement that as an emergency service, any emergency situations will override any other user.

We have sought support from LSV but to date, they are still evaluating the implications for lifesaving, SMLSC and other clubs built on council-controlled land. There are concerns both on the costs and that the building is not solely under the control of the club and we await their response. It is the intention to notify the LSV Council of LIfesaving Clubs of the proposed arrangement for SMLSC, as this has potential impact for all other lifesaving clubs, even more so for those in the CoPP and Port Phillip Bay.

We have now been advised SMLSC was always aware the new building would be a shared facility with the local high school. This is not true! We always had the understanding that the room would be available for them (and any other school) to use under our arrangements. NEVER as dual occupants, limiting SMLSC control and access to the building.

The position of the SMLSC was always that this was a community facility. We would work with many other organisations to ensure the building was used as much as possible. However it would be under our control with previous arrangements allowing us to work well with multiple users at any one time, managing cleaning and the costs were reasonable to all.

We always ensured the building was maintained and any property was protected. Under this new arrangement, the opposite is true. It is one user in, one user out, coordinated by a council worker. Any issues arising, will have to go through this third party and await being rectified. We have no idea what will happen or who is responsible if our property such as honour boards are damaged by another user.

We continue to have discussions with the CoPP and we had begun work on a business model for the club going into the new building. It is now being adjusted, to work within the restrictions and to enable the club to pay these increased costs and to survive as a community organisation and emergency service. Obviously, many changes will have to be made and we are working to reduce this financial burden in any way we can. Time is short to finalise any arrangements especially when the restrictions on what we can and can’t do are still being discussed. (FYI our average turnover was previously $120,000 -130,000 pa, last year excepted).

We cannot do this without you…be involved!… have your say! Stick with us! We are working to maintain this great club we have all formed! It is intended that we are to have an information session to include representatives from CoPP and LSV in July that we are hoping to live stream so people can also view and ask questions if they can’t attend.
Please stay tuned for updates, we will keep you informed.

As president, I am always available for queries, 0414252027 or president@southmelbournelsc.com.au
Dinah Boswell, President SMLSC

Alison Porter – Club Captain – clubcaptain@southmelbournelsc.com.au – 0407 128 303

Council Offer to Club
Exclusive Space Amount (West end, with club storage and patrol room etc)
Rent $ 104.00
Maintenance $ 10,594.84
Insurance $ 1,855.04
Capital Cost $ ——–
Total for Lease $ 12,553.89 (+ Utilities separately metered)

Multipurpose Space Amount (based on SMLSC timetable of 30% of time available) (East end)
Rent $ 1.00
Maintenance $ 2,506.09
Insurance $ 438.79
Capital Cost $ ———
Utilities $ 5,537.93
Total for Lease (License) $ 8,483.81

Total Cost to Club $ 21,037.70
+ GST = $23,131.44 per annum

Expressions of Interest – Sub-Committees and Special Interest Areas.

The SMLSC Committee is now taking Expressions of Interests for our current Sub-Committees and Special Interest Areas. Whilst much happens on the Committee level, our sub-committees are invaluable to keeping our services and operations going.  Most sub-committees will not require a lot of time (perhaps once a month depending on the group and time of year) Especially this year in our time of transition we are in extra need of support.

Areas include:
Honours and Awards
Building Re-development
Port to Park
Nipper Program
Constitutional review
and perhaps some more…

Please Click Here to complete a brief survey of interest