The Life Saving Victoria – Awards of Excellence 2021 was held on 7 August 2021 in a virtual format.

This year South Melbourne LSC had 6 nominations in the categories of:

🔴 Nipper Parent of the Year – Robbie Brain
🔴 Youth Athlete of the Year – Daisy Graham
🔴 Team of the Year – Seahorses R&R Team
🔴 Coach of the Year – Christine Cardwell
🔴 Official of the Year – Mary Veal
🔴 Youth Volunteer of the Year – Nick Vouk

Below is an extract from each of our nominees applications.

Nipper Parent of the YearNominee – Robbie Brain
Key Achievement this season. – Actually being able to run nippers!
To be able to implement a successful program this season with all the COVID restrictions that were implemented on everyone. This was more prudent as of mid December we were still up in the air and then we had a lock down mid program but were able to recommence and finish the season off.
To have an increase in Nippers with 170+ registered for the program this season with a huge increase in the U/6 age group of nearly 47 + nippers.
Ensuring all our kids had fun especially after the Lockdowns we had prior and the uncertainty with COVID.
Youth Athlete of the YearWinner – Daisy Graham
Silver medallist in the U/19 Rescue & Resuscitation team (South Melbourne Seahorses) at Aussies 2021 – Sunshine Coast. Achieving this with the team was significant after not being able to compete at State or National Championships in 2020. We achieved this with a new team member as well.
Bronze medallist in the U/19 Female 2km Run at Aussies 2021 – Sunshine Coast. First individual medal at a National Level on the beach. It was a great reward for Daisy’s love of running and commitment to her running training.
Bronze medallist in the 2 x 1 km Beach Relay with teammate Sarah Robinson at Aussies 2021 – Sunshine Coast. Its most rewarding being able to share the podium with a teammate.
Youth Team of the YearWinners – Seahorses R&R Team
Silver medallists and a 4th placing at the 2021 Aussies, Sunshine Coast in the U/19 Mixed Rescue & Resuscitation and Open Female Rescue & Resuscitation, respectively.
To continue to be ranked in the top two teams in Australia in their respective age group, after a new team member was introduced.
Winning both the U/19 Mixed & Open Women’s Rescue & Resuscitation events at the Victorian Championships.
Coach of the YearWinner – Christine Cardwell
After the uncertainties of 2020 and the prospect of further disruptions and unknown capacities for
sport in season 20/21, Christine was still able to retain all 8 teams (Junior – Open) However, some
recruitment was required and Christine’s ability to be able to recruit members, especially for R&R which had specific challenges and restrictions during this C19 period, is a credit to her reputation
and trust that members have in her. Christine has continued to achieve results at a national level
consistently for the last seven years. This season her teams were awarded a silver and bronze and
three teams in 4 th placings at 2021 Aussies. Innovation is always at the forefront of Christine’s coaching where she continues to develop hands on equipment to improve the training techniques and to enhance her coaching methods. After designing side pacing equipment two seasons ago, this
season she has designed a measuring tool for measuring three specific distances which is crucial to the drill component of the event. This simple but effective tool for measuring distance quickly and
accurately has assisted members that need visual cues to strengthen their understanding.
Official of the YearNominee – Mary Veal
Appointment as an Official at Nationals, Aussies21 – R&R Judge and finish judge in Master’s area.
Involvement as an Official’s Assessor (particularly in more technical orientated lifesaving sport disciplines)
Appointment as Chair of the Dry SERC Working Group for the RLSS Commonwealth Sport Development Committee. In this role, Mary is responsible for consultation and development of recommendations for the inclusion of the event in the 2023 Commonwealth Championships.
Youth Volunteer of the YearNominee – Nick Vouk
This season Nick undertook the Training Officer course and is now well on the way to becoming a trainer for both Bronze and IRB having helped train 2 Bronze/SRC camps and two IRB courses over the past season.
Nick extended his training and presenting skills by facilitating a program to a Youth group from Operation Newstart. The participants are ‘at risk’ teenagers at high school, who are given an opportunity to be exposed and learn life skills out side of a ‘normal’ school environment. The program presented included basic patient assessment, try CPR and basic water awareness and safe skills.
During 19- 20 season Nick was also the water Safety Coordinator for the Club’s Nipper Program season.
His responsibility was to ensure there was sufficient water safety personnel for all age group sessions throughout the clubs 15 week program. Nick was diligent and reliable in his management of water safety personnel and allocating appropriate rescue equipment which was the key to successful safety measures throughout the sessions. Nicks clear communication with Age Managers and Program coordinator ensured a safe environment for all. and dependent on the activities the Age Managers wished to run, appropriate water safety gear (tubes/boards/IRB) available for each session.
Nick’s keen focus to assist youth members to improve their lifesaving skills coincides with his roles as Patrol Vice Captain mentor and a Co-Mentor for the clubs Junior Committee. The Junior Committee’s mission is to increase youth interest and participation in all aspects of the Club. Nicks role as mentor to three junior members in this forum is to give guidance to projects/events planned and assist with any problem solving that may arise.