Dear members,

Since the last email sent regarding the building lease arrangements, The City of Port Phillip (CoPP), has provided SMLSC with an alternative option. 
This arrangement provides SMLSC with access and administration to 100% of the building, rather than part of the building, part of the time. 
While there are still some requirements, restrictions and guidelines, the club will have control of bookings and be responsible for the facility management responsibilities and utilities. 
See below for summary, for those interested in the explanation of the maintenance can read on further.

Both options will be presented to councillors and the public forum, probably the August  Council meeting and SMLSC committee representatives will attend to speak regarding the club preference. 
Currently, the committee has decided this second option is the preferable option, but we invite feedback from club members. Anyone is welcome if you would like to attend the council meeting with us also.

As time is short for the planned access to the building by the club (we were hoping to be given hand over in September), the CoPP has offered a temporary lease that will operate in good faith towards the preferred option although details will not be finalised.

We will keep you informed of any major updates. As president, I am always available for queries, 0414252027 or

Dinah Boswell
President SMLSC
Alison Porter
Club Captain – – 0407 128 303

New Proposed Costings
Rent – $104
Maintenance – $20,000 (estimated per annum but will fluctuate according to requirements)
Insurance – $3,000 (estimated)
Total (estimate) – $23,104

Maintenance will include:
Proactive Maintenance – Cyclical maintenance to ensure the upkeep of the building as per the requirements of the Asset Management Plan (AMP)
Reactive Maintenance – General repairs as needed such as general plumbing, electrical and general maintenance.
The $20,000 is the estimated average annual cost of maintenance for this building over a 5-year term.
Club to fund all non-structural maintenance in the building (as per the AMP to be attached within the Lease). 
To ensure the building will remain fit for purpose across its useful life and to leverage economies of scale, Council contractors will undertake all maintenance works in line with the AMP. Council will invoice the Club directly for the actual maintenance costs for each period on a 6-monthly basis.
Council will undertake and fund maintenance to Essential Services and Lift Maintenance.