This year we had another great team compete at the State Pool Champs.

Awino Kuerth, Andy Graham, Rory Johnson, Virginie Deswaerte, Bronwyn Wolfaardt, Nathan Clift, Claire Gardner, Nicole Rains, Ash O’Brien, MacKenzie Michael, Daisy Graham, Jess Watts, Anindo Minifie

Overall South Melbourne as a team came 5th

South Melbourne Women – 3rd  South Melbourne Men – 9th

Individual Medals Won

U13 Obstacle Race: Jess Watts 2nd
Masters Obstacle Race: Virginie Deswaerte
U14 Line Throw: MacKenzie Michael 2nd, Daisy Graham 3rd
U17 Line Throw: Nicole Rains 1st
Open Line Throw: Bronwyn Wolfaardt 2nd
Masters Line Throw: Virginie Deswaerte 2nd Clair Gardner 3rd
U13 Manikin Carry With Fins: Jess Watts
U14 Manikin Carry With Fins: MacKenzie Michael 3rd
U17 Manikin Carry With Fins: Nicole Rains 3rd
U15 Super Lifesaver: MacKenzie Michael 2nd
U14 Manikin Tow: Daisy Graham 2nd
U17 Manikin Tow: Nicole Rains 3rd
Open Manikin Tow: Bronwyn Wolfaardt 3rd
Masters Manikin Tow: Virginie Deswaerte 2nd
Masters Manikin Tow: Nathan Clift 2nd
Masters Manikin Carry: Rory Johnson 3rd
Masters Manikin Relay: Nathan, Claire, Virginie and Andy 2nd
Open Medley Relay: Nicole, Ash, Rory and Bronwyn 2nd

A great effort by everyone – not just the competitors but also a big thank you to those who undertake official roles, Rory – who has submitted entries all season, timekeepers, handlers and spectators supporting the event.

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