The Port to Park Swim will not be held on Saturday 6th February.
The organising committee had to make a call weeks ago on this.
We are hoping to hold the event later in the year if possible. 
We will update this page accordingly if it can be run on a new date for 2021.

Due to the current COVID restrictions, we are unsure as to whether the Port to Park Open Water Swim will go ahead in 2021.

As soon as we confirm whether or not we can run the swim, we will email our database and update our website.

2020 Results:

Results available here from the 2020 Swim.

2020 Sponsors:




About the swim

The Port to Park Open Water Swim is a 1.1km and a 2.2km straight line swim. The 1.1km swim starts at Lagoon Pier, Port Melbourne and finishes at Kerferd Pier, Albert Park. The 2.2km swim starts and finishes at Kerfed Pier.

Swimmers follow our bright pink buoys down a string line, located about 50m off shore, which gives friends and families the opportunity to walk along the waters edge at meet their swimmer at the finish line. The start is a floating start with the finish a run up the sand and through the timing gate.

The 1.1km swim is now in it’s 14th year and offers age groups from 12 years through to 70+. The 2.2km swim is only in it’s third year. As such, we are offering a female and male category only.